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Welcome to Health Lad, your place for living a pleasant and healthy life.

I have just started to build this site, so if you have any suggestion, questions or remarks, please add a comment. During the weeks to come, I will add new pages and videos. You can subscribe to my weekly update and I will keep you up to date of the proceedings.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This old saying is still very true and there are more things involved to live a healthy and pleasant life.

A walk with the dog
Take a dog and you will walk a few times a day. If you do well, you will rediscover your environment and regularly be at the most beautiful places.

We are convinced that a healthy life and being healthy can only be achieved by having the right mindset and by adopting helpful habits. The earlier you start, the bigger the benefits will be. However, it is never too late to change for the better.

There are people that only start exercising or sporting after a stressfull and unhealthy working life. Some of them even become good end enthousiastic sports persons. Others take a dog and go for a walk a few times a day. They lose weight, they abandon smoking, they drink less alcohol and they reduce their blood pressure and their cholesterol level.

To live a healthy life brings lots of benefits that all of you will know:

  • Feeling good;
  • Having a high energy level;
  • Being flexible of body and mind;
  • Having a sharp mind;
  • Enjoying all kind of physical excercise;
  • Living free of pain;
  • Sleep well;
  • Having an excellent endurance;
  • Living the bed life of your dreams;
  • Perform very well at work;
  • Having the lowest changes of get an age related diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, weak bones, deteriorating brains and more;
  • Keep the doctor away

Health Lad gives insights from many different resources that we have found to be very useful and we add in a lot of experiences from visitors and of ourselves. We have lived a lot of things, right and wrong. Most of the tim, we do the things we think are right to do. Sometimes we don’t, for many different reasons.

Living a healthy life is not a purpose in itself. It is a prerequisite to enjoy life at the fullest.

Today many people get older and older, especially in the rich world. However, due to bad eating and drinking habits and to a lack of exercising, many of us have serious health problems after 50 or 60. That means that the quality of life during the last 20 to 30 years their lives is much lower compared to healthy people.

There is another very important benefit of living a healthy life: in 20 to 30 years from now, there are many more old people in the developed countries, but health care budgets will be tight and there will be very little resources to take care of the large group of old and needy. Governments will not be able to fully support us in the future as they do today. So, staying healthy until old age will be even more important in the near future.

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